Ann Vole (annvole) wrote,
Ann Vole

Llaprami, chapter 2, she is gone, Page 7


"Lowrey, Marrow, and Associates, Lynda speaking, how may I help you?"

"hey, Lynda..."

"How can I help you George?"

"please tell Mr. Lowrey that I am forced to go on extended leave and to feel free to replace me as I may not be back. I will fax a written 'terms of leave' in a few minutes."

"This is rather sudden, may I ask why (for personal reasons only)?"

"Mary filed for divorce... No reason from her... Completely unexpected."

"(Gasp) well, er, yes I see... Umm... My condolences."


"I have received some fine resumes lately so we should be fine on this side but you should seek counceling... that should be covered under our health insurance... I will fax you a list of recomended people and you can decide for yourself."

"thanks, put me under paid vacation leave for the days I have available and if I do not get back to you, direct deposit the severence package because I am heading overseas... Need to not be seeing anything that reminds me of..."

"Consider it done George. I will fax the details too so you know your deadlines."

"Yes... Deadlines"

"Good luck on your trip"


"Good bye, George"

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