Ann Vole (annvole) wrote,
Ann Vole

Llaprami, Llomamo, Page 6

"The Llomamo attached his boat to a tree quite a ways back where he was heading from. There is an unnatural sound coming from his boat continuously... Like a cricket. He has moved to a new tree but not one in the direction he was heading. Looks like he is maintaining the same distance from his noisy boat. You will find him just under the top canopy so approch from the bottem. He marked the bottem of the tree in an odd smelly substance, brown, sticky and smells like a nut."

"Thank you Earesea, I could not have expected such a detailed report."

"Do you feel more focused on life from talking to her?"

"Yes, but my questions remain unanswered... How I wish I had talked more to her while she still had breath. If they were not Llaprami, they were only a possible meal in my mind. The possibility of culture and emotions in other animals never crossed my mind."

"The Llomamo do not think we are more then a game to gather our souls off our backs and steal our ancestors, why should we think any better of them?"

"I am not so sure Earesea, they never bring back the skins they take, I think they have a use for them so I think they are doing this out of greed."

"But then why do they kill other animals and leave the prey including their skins? They seem only interested in killing and the skins are proof of their success at killing us forest gardians. With us out of the way, the others would not be warned and no life will be left... Just like the barren forests they planted in all the land they chased us out of."

"Yes, their inedible lifeless forests are good proof of their extermination efforts. Why would anyone want to eliminate all life? It just does not make sense."

"That is exactly why I am sure they are nothing more then plants that walk... They cannot have feelings or conscious thought."

"I made a stupid choice that caused the one I call Himeu to be killed, yet I have emotions and intellegence... Could these actions by the Llomamo simply be stupid choices by otherwise intellegent beings too? I almost killed an innocent agouti just because I could have done so very easily. Could a lack of Llomamo traditions and a lack of knowledge that us Llaprami might have a culture and emotions be the real reason they do not hesitate to kill with their ability to do so from a great distance and with no possible harm to themselves? Killing is so easy for them and they never talk to their prey."

"But Augraesta, how can they not know of our intellegence when they require so much extra stuff to kill us or even to know of our existance? Their raids on the resting places of our ansestors is carried out with complete knowledge of how we hide the souls and all the writen stories are taken with care... They must know of our culture and language!"

"Yes, more unanswered questions. How I wish anyone of the last generation still had breath to tell of the Llomamo who made friends with us Llaprami. Maybe there is a way to make peace."

"They do not live here and they kill from a distance... There is no way we could ever make friends even if they are willing and able (which I doubt both us and them are able or willing)."

"I sense a negative attitude. You mentioned that you are also unable to say 'Himeu', what is her story?"

"No, the Llomamo were not involved. Both my parrents and most of the others I grew up with died when everyone became very ill. I had never seen a Llomamo until today. There boats have been found on the river shore but never have I seen anything else of them."

"Have you been talking with someone named Raegaeg about this"

"There is a great hate in him for the Llomamo. None of his relatives have died from the Llomamo so that is not the source. I guess his arguments are persuasive and the others do not argue back but for you. Why you stick up for those murderous creatures is beyond me but I guess someone has to make sure things are thought through. Also, the two of you are so cute when you get arguing and bristling your manes, (Don't stop Mr. Cute)"

"But... I am not sticking up for the Llomamo, I watched one turn a Llaprami into a bloody mess I could no longer call 'Himeu'... my world was turned into a nightmare that I wake up to every day. It is tradition that keeps me going. Our ancestors, for as long as we have had stories and heros, we have been treating the Llaprami as equals... Our ancestors must have had a reason for such a status for these creatures... Either fear of being their enemies or hope of great gain from being their friends."

"Well put but I still do not foresee any hope of friendship with them. I do like those sayings you quote from the one you have called your mother."

"I have not quoted most of her sayings... Most were about my future mate!"

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