Ann Vole (annvole) wrote,
Ann Vole

Llaprami, Llomamo, page 5

"Earesea, it looks like this guy is going to sleep in the tree. I need to visit what is left of the one I called Himeu. Could you watch him while I go?"

"I am also without a mother so yes I would be honoured to help you honour her."

"We will have to share stories when I get back."

"Hello, I seek one whose name is Amereaeg the daughter of my grandmother Saegaeri. Her soul has been stolen but for her feet. I, Augaesta, have spoken her name daily before the relocation."

"I have been expecting you and the one whom you seek has had her feet arive safely. Feel free to say 'Daurieg'." (DAW oo RYE egg - purr on the R for half the word's time)

"Thank you, Daurieg. Where are you from?"

"The ancient hold of our hero named Groueg was stolen along with the souls of my parrents who were on guard and those of many generations. They adopted me here."

"Do you have any trace of their souls"

"No, they must be where ever they took our ancesters"

"Himeu, I am so sorry you had to flee yet again after death as we have all your life. If I can bring the peace you thought possible, I will act without hesitation like pounching on prey. Can you help me see opportunities for peace? I will also try to bring all parts of your soul to be with your family once again. Please guide me to their resting place, your resting places, so that they may be again united and continue to stay alive in the minds of the next generation. Speaking of the next generation, it looks as though just about everyone is thinking of breaking the sacred trust granted us as guadians! Murder and mistrust are always on their lips. I fear we are destined to be trying to bring down too large a prey and dying as a people forever. Help me remember your words as I try to stop this murderous attack of revenge against the other guardiens of creation. Help me keep from sliding into hate as the memory of your last breaths and the ripping of your soul off your body keep pouncing on my thoughts like an injured foot... Like seeing your feet... Cut off and left like they were garbage... I fear the hate, help me my Himeu. Good bye and rest in peace."

"Thank you so much Daurieg for saving my ancestors. Dispite being lighter, my mother's feet must have been the heaviest soul to carry with your mind."

"Oh, Augaesta, your soul helped bear the burden. The heaviest souls to bring are those with nothing to carry but fading memories."

"Is there anything I can do to help your service of keeper of souls?"

"Continue visiting your mother is the best thing as I will know that she continues to live on in you."

"Thank you Dauriag, I will visit tomorrow and tell you her story if you will listen."

"I will be doubly honoured to witness two close souls walking through our collective minds."

"see you tomorrow then, about this time"

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