Ann Vole (annvole) wrote,
Ann Vole

Llaprami, Llomamo, page 4

"Earesea! It's a surprise finding you here"

"I looked all over for you. Why were you not at your post?"

"I saw a Llomamo and reported him"

"How exciting! Do you think it is close by"

"It is male and very dangerous even from a long distance. This one is especially dangerous because he climbs trees. I would feel much better if you were not in the area"

"four eyes are always better then two"

"Hush! I think the Llomamo is in the next tree"

"there... 'mamo?"

"Yes but please call them 'Llomamo'. I will sneak above because I am better hiding and viewing from above. Can you watch from below?"

"Sure, be careful though. I heard they can see in the dark, is that true?"

"Only the ones who wear big things over their eyes... This one can. Look to see if he still has a boat somewhere."

"Boat? Like the old 'mamo use? ... I mean Llomamo."

"Yes, almost the same"
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