Ann Vole (annvole) wrote,
Ann Vole

Llaprami, Llomamo, page 2

"Raegaeg, a lone Llomamo hunter heading straight for... for the home... of the one who will always be Himeu"

"Augraesta, your mother has been gone for almost a year, get over it already."

"the one called Raegaeg would not understand pain and guilt."

"I might not understand your feelings but I will send a female your way for back-up... She should distract your thoughts."

"The one who may die as my scouting partner will be sent back... I work alone."

"Some lonely guy named Augraesta will get a female partner soon. A beauty named Earesea could distract any mind."

"This Llomamo looks like he is new to hunting and will be easy to watch. He climbs trees like a Llaprami... a newborn one. I thought you were saying 'Earesea' a lot lately; is your nose pointing in a different direction now?"

"No, I am just keeping her options open so I know if she is truely happy with my scent when she dreams."

"For your sake, I will stay downwind of the two of you because this superb option is not interested."

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