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I'm actually not really heavily into the non-human thing. I can appreciate it when it's done well (rare, but it happens - Namir Deiter does a reasonably good job) but generally I like things that have a bit of an . . . edge to them. Jack, for example. :) Or good humor. If it happens to have furries it's not really a plus or a minus in my mind, just a "thing".

That said, my list of favorites in alphabetical order (since that's their order in my bookmarks):

Angels 2200 (extremely good scifi, lots of emotion, amazingly well done for something that basically starts as "lesbians in space" - seriously, I wasn't expecting *anything* from this comic)
Copper (just plain beautiful)
Digger (subscription required, but there's a lot of other comics on that site that are just barely not making it onto this list - Digger's fascinating plotwise and well-written)
Dominic Deegan (horrible puns, cool plot, I'm a bit worried about how much it'll hold up in the future)
Gin and the Devil (streak of evil - Something Awful with a jagged edge)
Mousekaroos (already mentioned :P)
Ozy and Millie (probably the only comic I've read that I'd consider a worthy successor to Calvin and Hobbes)
Queen of Wands (well, it was, and I'm eagerly awaiting whatever it is she does next)
Sam and Fuzzy (just plain funny)
Schlock Mercenary (awesome scifi, massively epic)
Wapsi Square (good for reasons that I'm having a tough time describing)
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