Ann Vole (annvole) wrote,
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Row, Row, Row your boat, life is but a dream

Row, Row, Row your boat, life is but a dream

A theory of life and everything
Any sub-atomic particle is going to be finding certain physics laws to be useful to define what it is experiencing. After experiencing such physics laws for a while that particle expects to continue to experience those laws. As more atoms expect the same sorts of physics to explain their experience, they also impose those same physics on the other atoms near it by projecting a force of expectation. Rules like conservation of matter-energy are so obvious a part of an atom's experience that, for the most part, these rules universal but not always so. Life forms can develop because a collection of atoms might experience something only explained as a change so changes are expected and the more those changes are expected the more matter is formed to meet that expectation until a combination that can effect change is formed (my definition of life in its lowest form is a system that can change itself). This life form is then going to expect the conditions needed for it to continue to live (change) and if nothing opposes those conditions, they form. These life forms will also develop explanations for their existence which would be a means of replication. An obvious way to acquire mass when in a world with the atoms generally expecting conservation of matter is to eat and other life forms are most likely to contain the same stuff they are made of (the sorts of stuff that makes their life explainable in that world's physics). All those predator-prey-parasite relationships create the complex biological systems needed to explain their existence.

Life forms will need an explanation as to why they change and one obvious answer is "because they want to" so will is formed. Will needs an explanation so brains and maybe a spiritual world would be formed to explain the existence of that will. Brains form lots of expectations so they are powerful at finding complex questions to be answered and causing answers to be formed. The more atoms and systems (like lifeforms) in one location, the more solidly in place are the physics of that world but in the void of space, alternative realities are more able to form but generally will only form as they are needed to explain things. Radiation as a by product of a system of physics will permeate space and cause a need for an explanation which can be a reason for so much of the universe existing (as far as we can tell with experiencing that radiation) so an energy-matter system of physics with "wave" systems are somewhat universal because everywhere receives that radiation and so expects it to be a part of that area's physics systems
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