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Still alive

Someone posted a link to a LJ post of theirs with an interesting title but it required a log-in to read it... I logged in and found the person is on my LJ friends but the linked content was not available. I have to assume the person deleted it. I still have not gotten around to starting blogging again and thus I still might use LJ for blogging as opposed to finding a new platform (or use my Blogger account with a handful of very old posts to test it with my smart phone in about 2004). 

hello, was it me you're looking for?

LiveJournal is now owned by a Russian company but for now, I think it is still one of the best blogging platforms. I have some equipment to set up to be able to type lots and fast while laying in bed. The computer and browser part of that equipment will not be normal either so until then, I will not know if LiveJournal will still be easy to use or if some other blogging platform will work better for me.

trying LJ as a blog again

Facebook is not cooperating with my cellphone OS and browser resulting in lots of lost post text before I can post that text. This is because basically everything on the page is a link to a new page and often the entering of text gets confused with a sideways swipe which also goes to a new page. The text is always lost.

long time

I figured I better start blogging again. I am not sure if I will use LiveJournal or some other blog system. My usual user picture is missing so this one will have to do until I fix that. I will look at LiveJourmal's current picture hosting options as the key determination of if it will be used as I hope to be posting lots of art.

A new currency idea

Bitcoin and litecoin and several others are fiat currencies but the value was created somehow, usually by coin mining which increases the views on a website which moves it closer to the top of the search results in Google-style search engines. A new cryptocurrency is claiming to be backed by gold. That would make it no longer a fiat currency. The key value of any currency is an adjective "fungibility". Fungibility means the ability to be replaced by something else of equivalent value. Fiat currencies hold their value due to continued confidence in the currency by those who hold amounts of that currency in hopes that it will retain it's fungibility. Precious metals have a high fungibility due to the many relatively easy ways to confirm the purity and quantity of the metal at the point of trade. Precious metals retain value well due to the difficulty in changing the amount of these metals in circulation (both adding ignificant amounts into circulation and removing significant amounts from circulation). Retaining value adds fungibility because you are not worried about the currency losing significant value between obtaining the currency and trading it for something else.

My idea is a currency that is based on a proportion of the value backed by a set number of the most stable currencies and a portion backed by a set number of the most stable of tangible assets such as precious metals or land and a portion backed backed by stable investment types (other than the first two kinds of investments). The choices and the amounts will be determined by a set formulation and administered initially electronically (obviously manual actions like land purchasing and storage of precious metals will have to be done over a set time span after the decision to change amounts or types has been made). If someone purchases such a currency, they must use one of these items of value to make the purchase. With several moneys as part of the value system, this will be relatively easy. The overage of that particular currency will trigger a need for exchanges to be made which involves getting rid of the excess amount of investment in that particular currency. All of these will increase both the stability of this new currency but also it's fungibility as it will somewhat follow the world markets for these three areas (moneys, limited resources, investments).

need a name for a movement

The wildlife and the poor, those who have the least amount of ability to influence their environment, are often the ones most affected by changes in the environment. The rest of the inhabitants of this planet, are the only ones who can do something about it but only if the majority of them understand the cause-and-effect of the environment and those who are affected and make the appropriate changes to their lifestyle and life goals. When I set out to make the world a better place, I looked for the most number of negatively affected intelligent beings and came up with rodents in general and domestic rodents in particular. Now that effort has expanded to all wildlife (especially plants and small animals) that cannot move to new locations easily or quickly. Looking at the issues of anarchy and social justice, I have added poor and oppressed humans to that group of those who are unable to change their location easily. For wildlife, a highway represents a major blockage similar to a wide river but even more lethal. For humans, political boarders are just as impenetrable. Highways and countries are not going away anytime soon but you can see the analogy. If we cannot help wildlife move with large tracts of interconnected "wildlife corridors", we must instead reduce the need to move and thus the causes of weather changes. If we cannot get rid of countries and their anti-immigration policies, we must help them live better lives where they are. Some of that improvement can be accomplished with food, water, and energy independence, some with keeping the weather patterns from changing causing failures of crops, and some from changing the political and religious landscape that gives more freedom of thought and speech and assembly and of course reduces the threat of death and harm by others. I hope to start a local community of people who are on the same page as me on these things but to do so, I need to word this push in a name, a mission statement, and in news sound bites. Any ideas on how to word this movement?

Facebook has lost me

I have been very dissatisfied with Facebook lately... I don't get the kind of stuff that interests me anymore. They cancelled my main account a while ago for a week so I created a copy account and got close to 300 of the original friends to friend the new account. When they let me back on the original, I just kept that as a backup and labeled the profile image "backup" to prevent confusion when someone tries to tag me. Facebook has deleted that account today or yesterday. I am a bit worried about the main account. I need to disconnect gently with Facebook to avoid disappointment if they cancel my main account. I guess it is a good time to start actually blogging here again.

Bill Gates TED talk on zero carbon

CO² = P x S x E x C
this is a formula that Bill Gates proposes in his TED talk about achieving zero emissions.... One of those factors must get close to zero. I was made aware of this TED talk by a conspiracy theory video that pointed out that it sounds like Bill is suggesting we could reduce population (the first factor P) by 10% with vaccines. His concern for these low income people seems to be his goal so I don't think that was the intended meaning but rather just saying that vaccines will result in an increase in population instead of a decrease.

S is for services per person. This was dismissed without anything but a graph showing energy use going up rapidly. This is the area I want to work on as an anarchist. If we need electricity or other energy purchase, we need money to do so and we remain slaves to money and the jobs to get money and the government and banks to keep that money valuable. 42% of USA energy use goes into heating and cooling of buildings. With PassivHaus standards, that can be reduced by 90% simply with insulation, air-tight walls, and use of a heat recovery ventilation (HRV) or energy recovery ventilation (ERV) system. The remaining 10% can also be eliminated with more of the same or passive heating technology or thermal heat/cool storage or a little bit of renewable energy.

E is for efficiency. The worst offenders of efficiency are energy transmission and batteries (and other energy storage). Bill mentions the need for a battery "miracle" but dismisses them as too little too late. What is not entertained is the use of energy storage at the point of use. Point-of-use batteries or thermal storage or pressurized air will greatly reduce the need for transportation of energy and the volume of energy being transported at any point in time (assuming a slow recharging of the storage). Wattage of the heat loss is the square of the current times the resistance. This means that if you have half the amperage through transmission wires, you will have a quarter as much loss of energy in that wire (1/2 squared is 1/4 and the resistance stays the same).

The last factor is carbon per energy used which is where Bill assumes is the only place for "miracle" inventions. This is where using depleted uranium for new nuclear power is the goal of the research he is funding. I commend this goal given my lack of confidence in people catching on to reducing the other three factors (don't produce kids, reduce your energy needs, use energy efficiently with more localized storage and localized energy production). The problem of course is we will still need to buy that nuclear-sourced energy.

A rope of three strands is far stronger then a rope of 2 strands. The key aspect is that failure of one is overpowered by the remaining two. The USA government was intended to work this way utilizing a regional power (senate) an elected power (congress) and an individual of power (president). Each was to have veto power over one of the other two so no one power point could force the other two outside of their wills. The new economic model of the world is a lack of directional power. This is accomplished by people buying, selling, trading, donating, etc in a social way via social media. An example is online shopping eliminating stores and malls. The goods are delivered directly and warehoused on the move. Another example is people making small volumes of specialized items and selling them globally without any businesses involved beyond the delivery company and the online sales website (like Ebay). Making highly technical stuff yourself on your personal 3D printer using plans designed by someone you don't know and tested by a handful of fellow bloggers will eliminate a host of business models but make profit margins reach zero and the businesses that provide such experts looking for a new model to fund things. My proposed model is as follows: a regional power of a cooperative of some form, a franchise for forming and funding such cooperatives (and collecting franchise fees to make it work), and a non-profit steering organization that is formed from representatives of the cooperatives and controls the rules, objectives, vision, and financial scope of the franchise. The first prototype I intend to make with his business model is a franchise to make support groups for crowd funding hopefuls. The next prototype would likely be housing cooperatives.